Reported Speech

Look at some of the things that Dr. Kaku said in his talk:

a) Dr. Kaku said: “The computer conference made the headlines all over the world.”

b) The reporter asked: ”When will robots be smarter than humans?”

c) Some experts said: “Robots will be more intelligent than us in 2029.”

d) Dr. Kaku said: “Computer power doubles every eighteen months.”

e) He told: “Silicon melts at high temperatures.”

f) He said: “Computers are as smart as insects.”

In the examples above we have only referred to what he said using his exact words. This way of making reference to things said by someone is called Direct Speech. However, the most common way of referring to things said by someone is Reported Speech.

This is how the same things Dr. Kaku said would look like in Reported Speech:

  1. a) Dr. Kaku said that the computer conference had made the headlines all over the world.
  2. b) The reported asked when the robots would be smarter than humans.
  3. c) Some experts said that robots would be more intelligent than us in 2029.
  4. d) Dr. Kaku said that computer power doubled every eighteen months.
  5. e) He told that silicon melted at high temperatures.
  6. f) He said that computers were as smart as insects.

You must take note that in reported speech the tenses, word-order and pronouns may be different from the original sentence. Also, time and place references in the direct speech sentence might need to be changed in the reported sentence!

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