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3.en.11 Technology shapes the World

1. Michio Kaku & Robots Let me introduce you to American physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku. Dr. Kaku works in the field of theoretical physics, just as Einstein, and he has devoted much of his time to think about how things … Continue reading

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3.en.52 Eli’s favourite reality: Catfish

Have you ever seen a fish like this one while snorkelling in the Med? After listening to Eli talking about his favourite reality on Tuesday,  a different kind of catfish will surely come to your mind. Here follows an article … Continue reading

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3.en.46 Survey on multilingualism

As you already know, the Internet offers us lots of possibilities to work together in projects and share them with others.  I am sure you are experts in creating documents and presentations on GoogleDrive. Now, you are going to learn … Continue reading

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3.en.45 Shakespeare and iambic pentameter

We’ve been reciting quite a lot lately. Also, you watched the film Shakespeare in Love and had the chance to listen to professional actors and actresses reciting Shakespeare’s verses. This excellent video from Ted will help you understand what a … Continue reading

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3.en.43 Listening: Shakespeare’s Globe

Watch this video about Shakespeare’s globe and answer the questions.

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3.en.42 Talking time: Entertainment questionnaire

Though most of you have known each other for a long time, I bet you’ll get some surprising and unexpected answers from your classmates. 

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3.en. 41 Media choices and film reviews 2: Listenings

What do you think about the American System of rating movies? What are your media choices? Do the following listenings from elllo and ESL-lab. Take note of the most difficult words. Write down whether you agree with the opinion of … Continue reading

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