1.en.8 Identity: O ME! O LIFE! Walt Whitman’s answer

We’ve been exploring identity issues. One of the approaches was to write a Just because poem

Here follows a small selection of your I poems . They have not been edited yet, but they are really good. We shall display them in the classroom and add the rest of the poems to the power point presentation.


Poets have often reflected on  identity questions. Walt Whitman is an American  poet who wrote beautiful poetry. Most American people can quote some of his verses. We shall ask Eli,  our American language assistant, what he thinks of him.

In his poem O Me! O Life! from his book Leaves of Grass, Whitman addresses the issue of identity.

In the Film The Dead Poets society, Robin Williams plays the part of an unorthodox English teacher who uses poetry to encourage his students to live their lives in their own terms. In this part of the film you can hear Williams quoting Whitman’s verses. In 1.es.04 post, Julian, your Spanish teacher used a couple of scenes from the film too . Do you remember?

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-11 a la(s) 10.37.02 AM

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